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From Peace you come.

To Peace you go.

Be Peaceful meanwhile, please.

* * *

Pure and Perfect Peace

is prized by prudent people.

* * *

I wish I were a mango tree

Many mangoes I would bear

& drop them down to Sadhus, Saints

& poor men everywhere.

* * *

"Behind every scene

is The Unseen"

May He bee seen

* * *

the actor acts

the Director directs

when the actor acts wrongly

the Director corrects

Obey Him.

* * *

Bless Me

Refresh me

Dress me

Caress me

Thank you Ganga Ma

* * *

Hara Hara Hara Gange

Please take my sins away

Thank you Ganga Ma

* * *

the more you get the more you want

it's like a ghost who'll only haunt

your house & force you out

so be content

with what is sent

& do not run about

after rags & worldly riches.

Be happy in The Lord.

* * *

fold up the ego

hold up the atma

fold up desires

& hold up the world

* * *

If I could I surely would

sing The Name of God all day

but I am weak & loud can't speak

so forgive me God I pray

& accept my meditation.

Help me fix my mind on You

* * *

We are One in the Spirit

We are One in The Lord

Serve Him Faithfully

and Love is your reward

Give Him everything

Everything you've got

and never ever please

let it be forgot


We are One in the Spirit

We are One in The Lord...

(to be continued)

* * *

Inflate tires

not Egos

Inflate balloons

not bellys

Inflate diligence

not fortunes

Inflate Love

not Economys

* * *

Shanti town is actually a wonderful place to live

* * *

The Dream is Over

wake up now

tend the fields

pull the plow

* * *

All your sins of now or past

will be quickly washed away

when once from your heart

with pure true love

God's Great Name You say.

* * *

The Repercussion of your deeds

Will bounce right back on you

like a rubber ball tossed at the wall

Please be careful what you do.

* * *

Heads Up

Tails Down



but Heads Down

Tails Up



* * *

Make an oath to practice growth

of more love every day

& you will sir destroy the blur

of dark things in the way

blocking your Vision of God

* * *

the hardest lesson to learn

when all school's days are done

is to learn you are a nobody

when you thought you were Someone

* * *


3 men in a tub

without any grub

they're starving

they've been that way

for a month and a day

won't someone please

send them a farthing

to help them put some grub in their tub.

FEED the hungry fellas.

* * *

Mantra Makes Maya Meek


Mumble Mantra More

* * *

The Strong should nourish the weak

The weak should then get strong

& nourish another who might be weak

& hopelessly struggling along

* * *

control your senses

control your mind

control your passions

& you'll surely find

Your Soul

* * *

Sit quietly still

& enjoy the thrill

of Peace pervading your person.

* * *

The man who can't who can't

who can't renounce an ounce

will be rich in grief & sorrow

in His Karmic Bank Accounts

He'll have worry he'll have headaches

he'll have loads of trouble

& the Interest in himself

will surely only double

but He'll have no Interest in another

thus the Bank it will foreclose

due to all the Karmic debts

to Creation that he owes

he'll find himself bankrupt

without a single cent

or a single friend

to pull him up from where he went

He'll scream & hoot & holler

& gnash his teeth like this

but too late now dear Mister

you missed the Boat to Bliss

You should have with your wealth

served God & His Creation

for the best return is paid

with True Renunciation

so Give & Give & Give

Give until your End

& you know that sir you'll get

The Highest Dividend

you'll share with God & man

Peace Forever more

& that's the Wealth for sure

Everyone's looking for

you'll dance in Love & Peace

& surely you will sing

"My God My God I'm glad

I gave up everything

I now have no more worrys

I now have no more debts

I now have no more troubles

& best, I have now no regrets"

so Give & Give & Give

& dear Sir keep on giving

Renouncing all the Fruits

& Forever you'll keep living

so please put into practice

heartfelt renunciation

& The Banker He'll return you

Atmic Bliss & Pure Elation

So give your wealth away

to serve God & serve the poor

& you'll go to God

this I know for sure

wisely Give your Joy away

Renounce Renounce Renounce

& your Credit will last ever

in Spirit's Bank Accounts

* * *

I want the Buddha's Peace

I want to serve King Ram

I want to see Lord Siva

I want to dance with Shyam

I want the Joy of Jesus

I want to hear the Aum

I want to with my Brothers

Make the Journey Home.

* * *

he who wishes for no wishes

is he who wishes wise

but he who's always wishing

Wishing wishing dies

* * *

oh it's you yourself

who holds the key

to the Button Box

& destiny

but most men chasing

Power & Pelf

with press the button

& kill themself.

* * *

Can birds walk upon the sea

Can fish find Infinity

can tigers fly

can you & i

Ever sir be Free

* * *


How many a nose

to de-fragrance a rose

How many a nose and a smell

with merely one sniff

per nose kindly if

You happen to know pray tell.


if anyone knows

do tell me in prose

or in rhythm or rhyme if you can

How many a nose?

to de-fragrance a rose

One sniff - per nose - per man.

* * *

If Wishes were Horses - I'd wish all The Forces

I wish all the Forces Would Cease

Putting My Horses - On Obstacle Courses

I'd wish for the World to have


* * *

And if My Father feeds me

I eat a Hearty Meal

And if My Father needs me

I serve with zest & zeal

And if I'd show my Gratitude

I'd tell you what He deeds me

Spirit's Food - BEATITUDE


* * *

I am the Archer, the Bow & the Arrow

The Target, the eye and the aim.

I am the Players, the Field and the Fold

The Football, the Goal and the Game.

I am the Kitchen, the Pot & the Pepper

The Chef & the Salt & the Soup.

I am the Tour Guide the Tour & Tom Cook

The Transport, the Truck and the Troop.

I am the City, the Citti, the Vrtti

The Buddhi, the Rup & the Nam.

I am the Body, the Ego, the Mind

The Lila the Lord & the Dham.

I am the Shepherd, the Shepherded, the Sheep

The Farmer, the Furrow, the Field.

I am the Shoot & the Fruit & the Root

The Yoke & the Yox and the Yield.

I am the Whaler, the Walrus, the Whale

The Flotsam, the Jetsam, the Sea.

I am the Sailor, the Ship & the Sail

The Star & the Lar & the Lee.

I am the Blue both above & Below

I am the Gold and the Green.

I am the White & the Black & the Gray

And Everything in Between.

I am the Theatre, the Curtain, the Call

The Hero, the Villain, DIRECTOR.

The Sura, Asura, the DANCE & the Ball


I am the Space & the Time & the Place

The Beginning, the Middle, the End.

I am the Hearth & the Home & the OM

The Mother, the Father, the Friend.

I am the Ladle, the Yajman the Ghee.

I am the Festival Fire.

I am your Breakfast, your Dinner, your Tea

The Pasture, the Bull & the Byre.

I am the Judge & the Judged & the Jury

The Advocate & the Defense,

& So be it Thus, why need'st I e'er worry

I also must be the Offense.

I am the wind & the Moon & the Rain

The Daughter, the Sun & the Sky.

The Who & the How & the Where & the When

The What & the Whence & the WHY

I am the World & Its Ways & Its Womb

The NOW & the Ever, the Never.

I am the Terminal, Terminus, Tomb


* * *

The bottom of Mind

is certainly Hell

At Top of The Mind

The Wise men Dwell

The bottom of Mind

is fraught with fright

The Top of the Mind



* * *

How long is a Fathom Friend

How long is a Lion's Life

How long was The Seven Year War

How long is the Butcher's knife

How long can an elephant live without food

How long is a lizard's tongue

I just don't know - But Not as Long



* * *

"The Lord is One"


The Lord He Likes to Laugh

- so He became -

Many and Many

* * *


Red Turbans attacking the Blue Ones

The Yellow Uniting with They

Aligning Themselves with the Blue Ones

The Black and The Brown and The Grey

The Creme and The White and Vermilion

Now have all come on The Scene

On the Side of The Red and The Yellow

versus The Blue and The Black and The Green

The Purple are quite undecided

On Whether they're Red or they're Blue

And are definitely much Overprided

On being Dyed in a Different Hue

Their Mother was Red; their Father was Blue

Grandparents were Black and were Pink

Methinks it Great Strange how they pride themselves Kings

GREAT STRANGE how some Turbans can THINK

The Pink to the Red One's Surprise

Have linked with The Brown and The Grey

And The Blue and The Black so that Purple

Will be Forced to Friends enter the Fray

They're all of them flopping and Flailing

(They're all of them off of Their Heads)

Be they Black Ones or Blue Ones or Brown Ones

Oranges or Yellows or Reds

DESIST! All ye Turbulent Turbans

CEASE Such Machinations of War

STOP All your Fightings and Foibles

BE DONE with the Business of Thor

Cry QUITS to Your Quarrels, Be OFF with Your Squares

You've only your Passions to Kill

For Hear Me you Silly Old Turbans

You're all from THE VERY SAME MILL