Welcome Home to Your Family

Welcome home to your family
For you all we have been waiting.
Somewhere over this rainbow shining
Right within our hearts.
Let us all join hands in the Cathedral of The Creator
And chant of Love, Peace and Harmony
To the 4 Corners of the Earth.

Oh yea! People can you feel it?
'Oh yea!'
Love is everywhere.
'Love is everywhere,'

In an all too troubled world
People are searching for direction.
Hoping to find the path that leads
To the Oneness of us all
So let us gather all the pieces
Of Life's mysterious puzzel
And unite them in the Golden Rule
We all know so well.

One Love.
One Heart.
Let's get together and we'll feel alright.

* D, A

Welcome Home to Your Family is a very nuturing thought. We have families and relations, but do we have "family" beyond those boundries?

In this New Age, we extend our boundaries to include everyone. Everyone and everything is part of the total picture that makes us all "family" together.

In order for this planet to survive, the people who live on it are going to have to come to agreements with one another. To do this, we must Love one another. To do this, we must be aware. If we are aware, we will not have wars.

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