Understanding Is The Key

Understanding is the key
It unlocks everything
It opens up your mind
Turns on the Light and lets you see
What's going on... inside.

So tell me the truth
You don't really know
What's going on around you
You gaze at the stars
And you smile at the stars
And you dream about love and peace
For everyone.

Then you look around you
See its not quite what you dreamed
Of what it would be like
You look around you see its not quite
What you dreamed
Something ain't quite right.

Everybody is running
Oh, somebody's got to tell them
That it really doesn't matter
As long as Babylon buys and sells
For one advantage or another
Nobody's gonna help you find
Your freedom as your heaven ever after.

Yea! The Time is right now
We've got to turn and take a stand
There ain't no where to run to
We're running out of land.

We've got to save the rest of it
The East, the West - what's left of it
For the stars are shining
The moon is praying
For your mothers and fathers
Your visions and dreams.

Am, Dm, Em, E

Semi-Christian New Age song - Christ Brothers

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