New Age Terms

Language and Songs roll by, leaving new impressions of words and phrases we never heard before.

From Jamaica come the terms:

'I and I' simultaneously means (1) you and I (2) the Great Spirit. Use as you would use 'I'.

'Ites' means the heights of I and I.

'Irie' is an adjective form of Ites, meaning the same thing.

'Yes I' is a rasta term, meaning positive vibration.

From India originate the terms:

'Darshan' is having a meeting with the highest self in another. The High Self exists in all of us. Say, "Let's have darshan together."

'Namaste' is a greeting for hello, good-bye. Bow, "I honor the Light in you."

From large healing gatherings have evolved the terms:

'Welcome home' means "Glad you're with us."

'Brother' or 'Sister' } We are all brothers and sisters. Male/female, yin/yang, positive/negative, active/receptive.
"Hi Brother! Hi Sister!"

From Hawaii comes the term:

'Da kind' meaning the best, the genuine, natural thing, real.

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