Introduction - Sunrise

by I, Palu Rainbow Song, Nov. 1982

Welcome... to the "New Age."

What is the "new age" about? It is the awakening. When the sun rises early in the morning, we awaken. The "new age" is like a sunrise experience. So is enlightenment. This awakening has been going on ever since this universe began. Now, on the earth, we are acknowledging this fact more and more. Family Humanity is now entering an age of Truth, Love and oneness. This is called, the "Aquarian Age." This age is already happening. This is what helps make our new age songs so powerful.

Imagine yourself on a Journey. Life is teaching us all how to live together as one family upon the earth. We awaken by birth into a time and century where each of us has the opportunity to enrich the universe with our presence. If we have already done this, then we have started to awaken. Now, imagine yourself as awakened. Hold onto this feeling.

Songs peak of great truths. As we sing and as we gather together in unity, our world changes. In one shared moment, we find ourselves affirming our thoughts about life with our rhythm, vitality and essence. Song is a universal language.

These songs and chants are especially selected to offer a positive vibration to us all. The higher destiny of each song is felt when it has the chance of being sung by large numbers of people, such as at a gathering or a festival. These songs may be sung by anyone and may even be translated into other languages.

A song is "new age" for us if we sing it with a "new age" spirit, or feeling. Well being happens to us naturally when we sing, dance or listen to a song. A song should "move" us. We should feel "something." As our energy flows, we become healthier. We sing better. We feel better.

These songs have been collected from actual Gatherings where people have gathered together to share unity. In this healing Way, what was at one time remote, is now made possible for the many. These songs bring us closer to a "Gathering" atmosphere. Learn to sing more often in your daily life. It will attune us all to the great message life has to give.

Other songs and chants included are popular songs which everyone knows or may have heard from one time to another. The key tunes and words to some of these songs have been modified so that people, when gathered together, can sing simpler songs more easily.

Palu's Rainbow Songs are taken from a 'samisdat' or handmade book titled
copyright 1982 by Palu Rainbow Song.
"so in a healing Way, for the good of all concerned."
Palu Rainbow Song
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