(Disclaimer: These songs/poems were gleaned from the archives of alt.gathering.rainbow. I did not write *any* of these songs myself, and have given credit where I could find it. If you know the origins of any uncredited songs/poems on this page, please let me know. Also, if you have songs you'd like to see added here, pass them along. Peace, Crystalhawk)

 Keep Smilin'
 The Battle of the SuperMarket Monster
 Mystic Spiral
 Where have all the flowers gone? - Peter, Paul, and Mary
 Kundalini Rising
 Born of the goddess
 Dinner prayer
 Religious man
 What is a Rainbow
 Golden Rule
 Take Me Home Country Roads - John Denver
 The End Untill Again
 Mother Nature's Revenge
 Earth Our Body
 Ho Spirit
 Spirit of the Wind
 Evening Breeze
 Moon Sister Moon
 Honored Maiden Huntress
 She's been waiting
 Ancient Mother
 We all come from the Goddess
 Old and Strong
 Spider Woman
 I am a Powerful Woman
 Prayer for Compassion
 Songs of Remembrance
 The Light in the Mystery
 Heal the Mother
 Spirit Medleys
 Spirit All Around Me
 Hear Me Calling
 Old Ones Hear Us
 May the Love We're Sharing
 Merry Meet and Merry Part (Closing)
 You are My Mother
 Air in my Breath
 Earth Tribe Oath
 A Love Offering
 All My Relations
 Universal Lover
 The Bear Song
 The Willow Song
 The Earth is our Mother
 How could anyone ever tell you
 All I ask of you
 The Beauty Way Dance
 Blessed Be
 Let there be peace on Earth
 Peace like a river
 Prayer for Protection
 It's a small world
 Take what you need
 Chimes of Freedom - Bob Dylan
 Rainbow Man - Don Glenn
 Fire and Water - Starwatcher
 We are opening
 Air I am
 The Goodnight Song - Starwatcher
 Hippie Girl - Starwatcher
 Let us begin - Starwatcher
 Storm - Starwatcher
 Rumors of War - Starwatcher
 Rainbow People Song
 Momma - Ellen Thomas