Hippie Girl    (fast blues shuffle)

She grew up in the suburbs from a "nice family"
But then she started eatin' that LSD
It opened up her mind and set her soul free
she came to a gathering and then she found me

And she's my hippie girl and i love her so
She's my hippie girl and this i know
there's no one quite like her in the whole wide world
"Thank you Mister Leary for my hippie girl"
"Thank you Mister Leary for my hippie girl"

She knows who she is and whats going down
She can stop my bullshit without a sound
Cook over a fire or sleep on the ground
She's my best friend and a lover renown


Now i say my prayers when i take my rest
'Cause i know in this life, I have been blessed
As i lay my head on her breast
She soothes my soul with her sweet caress

           (chorus and repeat and fade)

(If you hear sexist overtones in the lyrics-cooking,MY hippie girl,etc-they
are unintended.
English has sexist attitudes built-in, It takes very precise and lenghty
language to get around that-which I can't do in verse form.
dedicated to Michelle (Coyote Moon) and Allie-I Love Ya'll)