Seapeace Music (BMI) On Seattle Peace Concerts' compilation album
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Lyrics by Don Glenn
I'm made out of atoms - All connected to you
To everyone else - All the stars and planets too
I can tell you about oneness - It's a physical law
But when I melted down with you - That's when I really saw

I'm a Rainbow Man - Everybody knows I am
Well it's Love, Peace, and Rock'n'roll
That is the center of my soul

Now here I am - Right here in your mind
Don't want to get angry - Just be lovin' and kind
Take all the good things - That I can find
That's why we've got the Rainbow here - To help us all unwind

We're here on this planet - It's our common ground
It's been all carved up - Into countries and towns
Polluted the rivers - And chopped down the trees
I know the change is coming - I can feel it in the breeze