In days gone by, when the world was much younger
we wondered and prayed, at the winter's cold night
Wondered at the game of, the moon and the sunglight
We saw then the lady and lord of all light


   And around and around, and around turns the good earth
   All things must change, as the seasons go by
   We are the childern of the lord and the lady
   Whose mysteries we know and will never know why

In all lands the people, were tied with the good earth
Plowing and sowing as the sasons declared
Waiting to reap of the rich golden harvest
Knowing her love, in the joys that we shared


Circles for healing, and working the weather
Circles for knowing, the moon and the sun
Circles for thanking, the lord and the lady
Circles for dancing, the  dance never done


And we who reach, for the stars in the heavens
Turning our eyes, from the meadows and rows
Still live in the love of, the lord and the lady
The greater the circle, the more the love grows