How the site is chosen

The process for choosing a site for the Gathering starts on July 7th. Starting roughly at Rainbow Noon at the main circle is Vision Council. Vision council runs for as long as nessesary to get a consensus on the bio-region for the following year. Typically folks that really want the Gathering to come to their bio-region come year after year till they get a consensus. Sometimes when a bio-region gets alot of support, but not the consesus, that bio-region may get preference the following year. As anyone can participate in Vision council, anything goes...

Then there is also a Thanksgiving Council that is held Thanksgiving weekend in the consensed bio-region. This is a working council where the many issues dealing with the coming Gathering are discussed, as well as the location for Scout Council.

Scout Council is held at the end of April in the same bio-region. Typically the Scout council location is closer to the possible sites than Thanksgiving Council. Scout council is where the inital proposed sites are discussed. Many times the experienced scouts and/or local Rainbows have a rough idea as to good places to start scouting. Scouting then goes on pretty much till Spring Council.

Spring Council is happening this year June 10-11. This is usually held at the best of the proposed sites. This is the council where the actual site consensus is made. Nobody knows where the actual site will be till council has a consensus! Typically there are many folks camping in the rough area, and once the site is chosen, then Seed camp starts.

Criteria for a good site

There are a few things all good sites have in common.