2022 Gathering Directions

The 51th Annual Rainbow Gathering in North America will be held July 1-7 2023, in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

Howdy Folks!
White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, 44.4329757, -71.3122475



Park on the right-hand side (inner side of the loop). Check your spot and make sure all four tires are off the gravel road. Please reserve parking near the trailhead for Handicamp and Supply vehicles. Follow the speed limit en route when passing through towns. Bring bug Spray.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!

CALM needs donations to pay for medical supplies that get used every year. Please consider Additional information on the water system used to purify water for this year is here. Clean water helps keep us all healthy! The water crew has a CO Water FUNraiser account to help cover the costs associated with buying water line every year to replace the parts that can't be reused.

The water crew is asking all kitchens that want to be connected to the main water line to bring the following items. These items in total should not cost more than $50-$100. Please help get this word out to all kitchens. If each kitchen brings a little it helps us all.

The Rainbow Guide is also looking for donations to cover the costs of publishing the Guide. If you've ever traveled and looked up people in the Guide, you know what a great resource this is.

Happenings at the Gathering

There are many wonderful things that happen at a gathering, but I'll list a few highlights. Remember the concept of "Rainbow Time", and that any semi-scheduled event will start when it starts, and not necessarily by the clock.

For more information about Rainbow Gatherings, here are some more documents.

Other Sources of Information

Now that it's Spring Time, the Forest Service is cranking up their disinformation propoganda machine. While the USFS tries heavily to freak out the locals about the coming Gathering, usually the result is no where as bad as they try to lead folks to believe. Here's a few general media articles looking back on things from the perspective of a year later.

Ride Shares

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