Listing of North American Annual Sites

Here's the list of European Rainbow Gatherings.

To be determined National Forest...
2014 -
Bridger-Teton National Forest
2013 - Montana
National Forest
2012 -
Cherokee National Forest
2011 - Washington
Gifford Pinchot National Forest
2010 - Pennsylvania
Allegheny National Forest
2009 - New Mexico
Santa Fe National Forest
2008 - Wyoming
Bridger-Teton National Forest
2007 - Arkansas
Ozark National Forest.
2006 - Colorado
Near the town of Clark, CO in Routt National Forest. Bus Village was by Big Red Park, while the site was by Silver City Creek..
2005 - West Virgina
Near the towns of Richwood, Marlington, and Hillsboro at the Cranberry Glades Botanical area in Monongahela National Forest.
2004 - California
Near the town of Likely, CA in Modoc National Forest. This site was about 4 miles north of the site used for the 1984 Gathering.
2003 - Utah
Near Mt View Wyoming in Bridger Teton National Forest.
2002 - Upper Pennisula, Michigan
Near the town of Bruce Crossing in Ottawa National Forest.
2001 - Idaho
Near the town of Stanley, Idaho, in Boise National Forest.
2000 - Montana
Near the town of Jackson, Montana, in Big Hole Valley.
1999 - Pennsylvania
Near the town of Ridgeway, PA in Allegany National Forest.
1998 - Arizona
At Carnero Spring near Springerville in Apache-Sitgreaves Natioanl Forest.
1997 - Oregon
At Indian Prarie near Prineville and Mitchell Oregon in Ochococ National Forest.
1996 - Missouri
By Thomasville in Mark Twain National Forest.
1995 - New Mexico
By the San Antonio River near Tres Piedras in Carson National Forest.
1994 - Wyoming
Snyder Basin near Big Piney in Bridger Teton National Forest.
1993 - Alabama (Kentucky too)
Talladaga National Forest.
1992 - Colorado
By Overland Reserviour, near Paonia, in White River National Forest.
1991 - Vermont
By Texas Falls, near Granville, in Green Mountain National Forest. It's on the Bread Loaf quadrangle.
1990 - Minnesota
By Barker Lake, near Lutsen, in Superior National Forest.
1989 - Nevada
By Robinson Hole, Near Jarbidige, in Humbolt National Forest. It's on the Nevada-Idaho Jarbidge quadrangle.
1988 - Texas
By Boggy Creek, near Lufkin, in Angelina National Forest. It's on the Cassells-Boykin Park quadrangle.
1987 - North Carolina
Near Tapoco, in Nantahala National Forest. It`s on the Tapoca quadrangle.
1986 - Pennsylvania
Near Long Hollow, near Cobham in Allegheny National Forest. It's on the Cobham quadrangle.
1985 - Missouri
In Mark Twain National Forest.
1984 - California
By Black Cone,in Modoc National Forest. It's on the Emerson Peak & Eagle Peak quadrangles.
1983 - Michigan
Near Paynesville, in Ottawa National Forest. It's rumored to be on the Trout Creek quadrangle.
1982 - Idaho
Near New Meadows, in Boise National Forest. It's rumored to be on a combination of the following quadrangles. Crokked River Point, Peck Mountain, Rush Peak, Goodrich.
1981 - Washington
Near Usk, in Kanisku National Forest. It's rumored to be on the Goddards Peak quadrangle.
1980 - West Virginia
By the Three Forks of the Willimas River, near Webster Springs, in Monongahela National Forest. It's on the Webster Springs SW quadrangle.
1979 - Arizona
In Apache National Forest. It's rumored to be on one of these quadrangles. Escudilla Mountain, Kuna Lake, Maness Peak, Blue, Alma Mesa.
1978 - Oregon
By White Horse Meadows, in Umpqua National Forest. It's on the Fish Creek Desert quadrangle.
1977 - New Mexico
By Burnt Corral Canyon, in Gila National Forest. It's on the Burnt Corral Canyon quandrangle.
1976 - Montana
By Cave Mountain, near Choteau, in Lewis and Clark National Forest. It's on the Cave Mountain quadrangle.
1975 - Arkansas
By the White & Buffalo Rivers, near Mountain Home, in Ozark National Forest.
1974 - Utah
By the Virgin River, near Bryce Canyon, in Dixie National Forest. It's rumored to be the Temple of Sinawava quadrangle.
1973 - Wyoming
By Antelope Hills, near Lander, in Shosone National Forest. It's rumored to be on a combination of these quadrangles. Schoettlin Mountain, Red Canyon, Lewiston Lakes, Barras Springs. the
1972 - Colorado
By Strawberry Lake, near Granby, in Roosevelt National Forest. It's on the Strawberry Lake quandrangle.

Listing of European Annual Sites

2000 - Romania
THis gathering will be somewhere in Romania.
1999 - Hungary
This gathering was in Hungary.
1998 - Russia
This gathering was in Russia.
1997 - Scotland & Greece
In the Galloway Valley, near Dalmellington in June and then at Paiko mountain near Thessaloniki/Greece in August.
1996 - Portugal
Campo da Maca (Salto)
1995 - Czech Republic (Tcekai)
It was in the Czech Republic, at the Austrian border south of Budejovice (Budweis).
1994 - Slovenia
On the Croatian border
1993 - Ireland
Slieve Bloom mountains Laois County, near the village of Rosenallis. This is the ancient gathering group of the Irish tribes.
1992 - Poland
1991 - Poland
Near Tworylne.
1990 - Austria
Allentsteig, Waldviertel.
1989 - Norway
Karlsoy Island.
1988 - Cantabrion (??) Mountains, Spain
Campo De Santiago, Fasgar (Leon)
1987 - Pyrenees, Spain
Fuente Sancenas, Genisera (Leon)
1986 - Pyrenees, France
Tres Estelle, Col De Mantet (Prades)
1985 - North Italy (alternative site)
1984 - South Switzerland
1983 - North Italy