2005 Panama Rainbow Gathering

This music was recorded by Tenali I was careful to preserve the ordering of the tracks, as here's what Tenali says about this CD:
I wanted to make the CD a sorta of rainbow sonic adventure with a variety of snippets and samples and randomness from around the gathering in between the songs, but i was also aware not to disrupt the song itself and to strictly leave them as they are.

The Live Music Archive also has copies of all these tracks at this location.

Title Artist MP3 OGG FLAC
Pilanda ArrozNico y Fidel 2564 kb 2880 kb 15856 kb
VikunatiPedalus 6016 kb 6560 kb 41132 kb
Cosas BellasDanjhel 3480 kb 3712 kb 23408 kb
Musica TipicaBajo Mendez 2192 kb 2624 kb 15992 kb
De Lo Que TenemosFantuzzi 3984 kb 4420 kb 23936 kb
MangangaOlimpo y Laura 4144 kb 4924 kb 27688 kb
Mambo Del MachauiPedalus 4340 kb 4784 kb 30888 kb
Santu PauluAlan 5040 kb 6028 kb 37400 kb
Sin LimiteFantuzzi y Todos 1652 kb 1908 kb 11640 kb
Aria CaddhripulitaAlan 3352 kb 3932 kb 22632 kb
WayayayiPedalus 4824 kb 5696 kb 36196 kb
Esfera De AmorOlimpo 4488 kb 5216 kb 29984 kb
Ojos AzulesPedalus 4144 kb 4736 kb 30120 kb
Estrella FugasFantuzzi 7380 kb 8412 kb 49004 kb
A TrattiAlan 5172 kb 6036 kb 34692 kb
Cucio LunarDanjhel 4896 kb 5264 kb 33084 kb
Gracias Por Esta VidaFantuzzi 5112 kb 5940 kb 34000 kb

Tenali's Notes On Thes Recordings

TRACK 1-- There was a few fields of rice growing near the site and the local farmers brought several enormous sacks for us to use. And so this is a recording of a very smiley and rhythmic Nico and Fidel mixing the rice to peel the outer casing off the rice. If you listen carefully you can also hear people working in the kitchen in the background.

TRACKS 2,7,11 & 13-- These beautiful songs were performed by a family from Colombia who came to the rainbow by bicycle. They have been travelling south America for several years playing and performing in the streets and schools spreading the message of peace and love. For me these songs make me melt in pure ecstasy.

TRACKS 3 & 16-- Perfomed by Danjhel from Panama. Both these songs were recorded late at night sitting near the kitchen fire. The insects in the background with the guitar and vocal is simply gorgeous.

TRACK 4-- The local farming community of Bajo Mendez typically brought food and instruments each sunday to the gathering. These were awesome cultural exchanges which made some very fun afternoons and evenings. This song was performed by the locals and it was recorded around the main circle fire with some festive dancing.

TRACKS 5,9,14 & 17-- These songs are from long time rainbow Fantuzzi. Normally he is very dificult to record as he is dancing and bouncing around as he performs. However the songs 5,14 & 17 were recorded late at night with several of us sitting near the main circle fire with a very intimate and tranquil vibe. song 9 was recorded during a sing along and drum session around the fire.

TRACKS 6 & 12-- These drum tracks are from Olimpo who left his homeland of Panama to study percussion in Cuba. He lives and breathes rhythm and you can feel it.

TRACKS 8,10 & 15-- Performed by the very energetic Alan from Italy. At night he was getting everyone singing and dancing, and by day he was focalizing the many food supply runs into the local town of Boquete. Song 10 is a personal recording favorite of mine. It was Alans last night at the rainbow and as he played the song he moved and swayed around the fire with most of the gathering behind him swaying and dancing behind him in choregraphed rhythm. It was a fun, magical and challenging recording moment and one in which I will never forget.