2005 Mexican Rainbow Gathering

This music was recorded by Tenali I was careful to preserve the ordering of the tracks, as here's what Tenali says about this CD:
I wanted to make the CD a sorta of rainbow sonic adventure with a variety of snippets and samples and randomness from around the gathering in between the songs, but i was also aware not to disrupt the song itself and to strictly leave them as they are.

The Live Music Archive also has copies of all these tracks at this location.

Title Artist MP3 OGG FLAC
AUM y Otras CosasTodos 1828 kb 1924 kb 12844 kb
Instrumental De HarpaJohn y Miguel 4640 kb 5248 kb 31216 kb
Poesia ToltecaLuix 5360 kb 5896 kb 34520 kb
Kalimba de SuenosTakuya 7512 kb 8484 kb 53252 kb
Kora De La NocheJohn 3236 kb 3572 kb 21608 kb
Instrumental De ViolinMagdalena 3564 kb 4084 kb 24684 kb
MCDiamond Dave 1684 kb 1880 kb 10148 kb
TamboresMaculi Ikal 5844 kb 7164 kb 40340 kb
Mas Poesia ToltecaLuix 6624 kb 7164 kb 40340 kb
Hare KrishnaJohn 4920 kb 5716 kb 31224 kb
SuenosLuix 3588 kb 4020 kb 24168 kb
Violin y GuitaraMagdalena 5528 kb 6140 kb 38792 kb
Un Lugar SagradoLuix 4928 kb 5796 kb 32852 kb
Excerpto De Hakim BeyJerome 880 kb 956 kb 5048 kb
Canti Indigena De QuebecMariana 900 kb 1016 kb 5496 kb
Mas KoraJohn 3928 kb 4324 kb 24128 kb
Mas TamboresMaculi Ikal 4484 kb 5524 kb 31088 kb

Tenali's Notes On Thes Recordings

TRACK 1-- I recorded this sitting on a hill during the full moon dinner circle song and aum. The whole thing sounds kinda trippy.

TRACKS 2,5,10 7 16-- These songs were performed by John(who is originally from France)either played on his wonderful 8 string harp that he had built or his many stringed african kora. Great songs!

TRACKS 3,9,11 & 13-- These songs were performed by Luix who is from Mexico. He studies the ancient languages and cultures of Mexico and songs 3 and 9 are examples of ancient Toltec poems set to music. Luix explained to us that song 3 is an ancient poem that speaks about people gathering together to share and be together with the green earth, the birds, etc.

TRACK 4-- Performed by Takuya from Japan. This was perfomed late at night after an open mic and his kalimba playing seemed to hypnotize us all. after this track i mixed in a popcorn moment that became a later night tradition at the bakery this was performed by the popcorner folks who you may remember from the california rainbow.

TRACKS 6 & 12-- Performed by Magdalena who is from Austria. These songs were recorded at the bakery lounge prior to dinner circle and as the night was coming upon us. With this song and many others throughout this cd you can hear the haunting night bird in the background. These birds were out every night calling and responding throughout the valley. Very mystical bird. Kinda like the Loon of the northwoods.

TRACK 7-- A sample from the terrific MC's Diamond Dave and Sol. Diamond Dave has been hosting open mics at rainbows for many years, and listening to Sol(Mexico) translate his quickly flowing passages was a great joy for anyone that attended those open mics. Awesome!

TRACKS 8 & 17-- Performed by the drum troupe from Mexcio city Macuili Ikal. The drum track 8 is from the Spring equinox celebration/cermony that we had at the main circle while yummy tea was being served. The second track is pre-dinner circle jamming.

TRACK 14-- This is an excerpt by Jerome(the states) during the first open mic. He is reading words from the writer Hakim Bey.

TRACK 15-- This is a chant from the native people of Quebec performed by Quebec native Mariana during the second open mic.