We live in a beautiful land on a beautiful planet-that's being trashed. What can we DO?

The Rainbow Circle seeks to bring together all people who want to share energy a and ideas which could lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle for us, as an intergal part of the natural world, in harmony with the cycles and rythms of the Earth.

Our Camps are experiments in living together co-operatively. They help us develop awarness, respect and love for each other.

Workshops cover a wide range of alternative topics and each camp has its particular theme which can be explored in depth. Ultimately all the camps are about transformation, evolution and the expansion of consciousness.

We Will Provide Warm communal places for workshops and socialising, some firewood,water,toilets(earth closets), showers, children'a area, playspace and a well-being area in which you will find a range of alternative remedies. The Golden Moon cafe will be on site for vegetarian meals.

You Will Need To Bring A tent or other sleeping space, plenty of covers, waterproof clothing, cooking equipment if you wish to self-cater. Bring also your love, your vision, your voice, any musical instruments, magical objects, beautiful things to decorate yourself and your space, your projects, everthing you'd wish to teach, all your hopes you'd wish to share, your children and your friends.

There are entrance fees for these camps charged at resonable prices according to circumstance also because of present political climate locations are not notified too far in advance.

For More Details E-mail Chris Binning Tina The Millhouse, Mill row, Lower Lydbrook, Forest of Dean, GLOS GL17 9NR