Southern California Rainbows of Living Light (SCROLL)
Focalizer/Scout/Site Selection/Focalizer 101 Council

December 7th & 8th, 1996
Lake Success Campground, Tulare County, California

SCROLL would like to invite all the tribes of California who are interested in creating our future to unite on the land for a working council.

Please come with your ideas for 1997 and beyond. If you have a specific area you want to gather on, do your homework. Walk the site. Bring topography and area maps, photographs, and information on parking, water, proximity to towns, etc.


Friday, December 6th dusk until ??
Drum Circle & Howdy Folks. Just for the fun of it.

Saturday, December 7th @ noon
Introductions, discussions and brainstorming about the Family in general, Forest Service regulations, regional gatherings (perhaps an All California Gathering for 1997?), and whatever you feel we should discuss. Suggestion: If we delay all calls for consensus until Sunday then everyone will have time to reflect on what we discuss on Saturday and we can make conscious decisions.

Saturday @ Dusk
Potluck Dinner. Please bring food to share.

Saturday after dinner
Focalizer 101 Circle
A fire circle for all of us, from experienced gatherers to inexperienced gatherers, and everyone in between. This is an opportunity for all of us to bridge the gap behind those who have been gathering for many years and those who are newer to the Family. Together we can share the collective body of Rainbow wisdom, learn the old ways and grow as a Family.

Sunday, December 8th @ noon
General Council (before we call for consensus)
Questions, clarifications, discussions from Saturday's Council and the Focalizer 101 Circle.
Decision Council (Reach consensus on plans for 1997 and ????

For more information call SCROLL (619)226-5797 or via email

General Information

Directions to Lake Success Campground (Just east of Porterville)

Via Car: From Highway 99 south of Fresno and north of Bakersfield, exit east on Highway 190 towards Porterville. Continue east to Porterville and drive 10 miles past it to Lake Success.

Via Bus: Take Greyhound to Porterville in Tulare County. Take Highway 190 ten miles east of Porterville to Lake Success.

When you arrive look for a sign saying "Rainbow Campsite # ____" near the entrance. Then come find us before you register.

This is a developed campground. Sites cost approximately $10 per night per site with a maximum of 2 vehicles per site—try to car pool. We'll double up on the campsites so don't stress about the fee. No reservations are necessary as this campground is generally only a quarter to a half full at this time of the year. There are restrooms and drinking water and it is wheelchair accessible. Pets on leash are welcome.

Be prepared for cold nights. Please bring firewood and food.

A suggestion: You might want to plan a council in your area for mid-December or January to share what was discussed and consented to at this council. This will allow Family to participate who may be unable to attend.

Food for thought

Talk to the Family in your area, come up with a list of issues surrounding Regional Gatherings and bring their ideas to the council. We always need to think about ideas, solutions, and problems surrounding the main areas of the gathering: Front Gate (including A-Camp), Welcome Home, Shanti Sena, CALM, INFO, Kid Village, Water, Shitters, Kitchens, Supply.


Some Cool Quotes That Were On The Original Flyer

We want our ceremonies, we want our language, we want our stories told to our children, we want to sing, we want to dance. And why do we do it? We want to talk to our land and the land to talk to us.
Aboriginal leader and
Chair of the Northern Land Council (Australia)

Make the universe your companion, always bearing in mind the true nature of all creation—mountains and rivers, trees and grasses, and humanity.
MATSUO BASHO (1644-1694)
Haiku poet and pilgrim

I have found that the eye which sees the whole circle expresses our soul simply and perfectly.
Ancient Greek Philosopher

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