1995 Ozark Regional

Howdy Folks! You're invited to the Ozark Rainbow Gathering August 26 - Sept. 4. Welcome to the 10-year Re-Union of the Rainbow Family. This is a gathering for peace & healing at the site of the 1985 Annual Gathering in the Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri.

Seed camp begins August 21. Bring your own cup, bowl & spoon! See Rap 107. Special things to know about this site: Watch for ticks & chiggers! Bring bug repellent. Watch for poison ivy! Cattle lease: please don't tamper with the fence or the cows will get out and the ranchers will have to chase them with pickup trucks.



Special needs: please bring plywood for latrines, garden hose for water system, shovels & hand tools, first aid supplies, tea tree oil & eucalyptus oil for ticks & chiggers, water filters, walkie-talkies, kid village supplies.

We encourage more workshops, sharing of knowledge & crafts, storytelling, music-making, magic, love & peace! We discourage weapons, drugs, alcohol, ego trips, fireworks & bad attitudes!

Be kind to the local people!

We Love You!