Summer's End Regional Gathering, Michigan

August 26 - Labor Day

Greetings to all children of Mother Earth and welcome to the Summer's End Regional Gathering. This Gathering of the Rainbow Tribes is yet another opportunity for us all to share nature's glory together, in peace and harmony. Let us give thanks and praises one more time.

This celebration is to be held at Interior Townsite, the site of the 1983 Michigan National Gathering, near Watersmeet in the western Upper Peninsula between August 26 and September 4 (Labor Day).

Supplies will be needed. Please remember to bring food, water jugs, cup, bowl and spoon, wet weather gear, sturdy hiking shoes, medical supplies, tools, canoes, sunscreen, bug repellant, and warm bedding. Much appreciated would be musical instruments, poetry, art of all kinds, love and everything that is good. Much unappreciated would be boom boxes, fireworks, weapons, alcohol, uncontrolled pets, and everything that is bad.

The Way to the Summer's End Regional Gathering: Take US Highway 2 or US Highway 45 to Watersmeet, Michigan, in the western Upper Peninsula. From Watersmeet, take M-208 (Old US 2 Rd.) east to Perch Lake Rd. (Forest Hwy. 171). Take Perch Lake Rd. north to the end, at Interior Rd. (Forest Hwy. 172). The site is across Interior Rd. at the former townsite of Interior, along the Ontonagon River; parking will probably be off the south side of Interior Rd. after turning right from Perch Lake Rd.

For more info (a SASE ensures a response; collect calls cannot be accepted):

East of Lake Michigan: Great Lakes Rainbow - Michigan, P.O. Box 3433, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3433. (313) 761-4243. email:

West of Lake Michigan: Madison/Wisconsin Rainbow Family Circle, P.O. Box 3213, Madison, WI 53714-3213. (608) 242-1126