Colorado 94 Fall Equinox Regional

Howdy Folks!

You are invited to circle with us for a Southwest (Four Corners) Bioregional Rainbow Gathering. Sept 17-25, 1994 at Snag Reservoir in SW Colorado.

We Gather to celebrate Fall Equinox and our connection to Mother Earth. We ask you to join us in silence until noon on the Equinox, Sept. 23.

Please Bring: Positive vibes, peacefulness, sleeping gear for cold nights! Shelter, rain gear, your cup, bowl, and spoon. Large pots and pans, water jugs, 5 gallon buckets, tarps, bulk food for our community kitchen; musical instruments, tools such as shovels, picks, buckets, rope, hatchets, axes, etc... We are a tribe of volunteers and we share in the work making each gathering happen and cleaning up! If you pack it in, pack it out! This is a FREE, non- commercial & participatory event! Donations to the Magic Hat are used for supplies. Please do not bring alcohol, guns, dogs, or fireworks!

Directions: From Cahone, CO on US Hwy 666, go east on Road R where the sign says "San Juan National Forest, 6". After about 2.7 Miles, go right on Road 16, then in 1.3 miles go left at sign: "San Juan National Forest, 2". This road (FR 505) crosses the Dolores river (Bradfield Bridge). After 1.7 Miles go left on FR 504 where the sign says "Benchmark Lookout". After another 12.5 miles, go right (east) on FR 514. Go another 2.1 miles, then left on FR 512. In another 2.1 miles, turn right on FR 512B - Just 1/2 mile to Snag Reservoir.

Note: State-wide fire ban is in effect (as of mid-august)! If it continues, we'll need cook stoves and extra blankets!! Expect cold nights and possible snow!

Gathering Consciousness

Please protect this beautiful land. Walk softly, and allow plants & animals to be. Use only down, dead wood. preserve the meadows. Camp in the woods. Everyone sharing makes a strong human tribe! Please protect the Water Sources; Stay out of delicate areas: Avoid camping, peeing, washing above spring areas. Keep *all* soap out of streams & reservoirs! Al waste from ponds & streams must be boiled or filtered to drink! Use the slit trenches or covered shitters & cover your waste with ashes/lime; Establish neighborhoods. Use Community fires only! Each with shovel and 5 gallons of water. Watch your gear: "Tempt not, lest ye be lifted from!". Be totally responsible for your animals if you must bring them! Keep them fed and out springs. Separate your garbage for recycling at the nearest collection point. Put compost in pits only! Use your own bowl and spoon. Participate in the work, councils, & workshops. You are the Gathering! Respect your brothers and sisters. Health problems ? Find the First Aid station. Notice the balance: earth, sky, trees, water, people. Leave all alcohol & guns behind! Donate to the Magic Hat to fund our needs. Join us for silent contemplation & prayer Sept. 23rd all morning.

Happy Trails

In preparation for leaving, pack up all your trash & take it out with you. Bring your recyclables to collection area. Dismantle & disappear your camp are; vanish all traces! Fire rocks scattered, ashes out cold & buried, pits filled in; latrines + compost holes covered, string & twine removed from tree limbs. Hardened ground loosened with tools for moisture catch & future growth. Help with recycling! Where we all help, the effort is easy. When an area is clear, Naturalize! Scatter logs, branches, leaves duff to vanish trails & renew forest habitat. Water systems & latrine covers are removed. Help with disabled vehicles; fully dismantle ramps & bridges. Steep trails are water-barred to stop erosion. The final crew scatters appropriate seed where necessary to renew vegetation.

Transport as many rides and as much garbage & recyclables as possible. Treat local folks with kindness and respect. Drive safely and share this love wherever you go.