Hoosier National Forest Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes for World Peace & Healing (Indiana)

September 25th - October 1st, 1995 (seed camp starts Sept. 17 - 24)

Rainbow Family Welcomes all people and all colors of the rainbow!



The location will be approximately 25 miles south of Bloomington, Indiana, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!
From Bloomington, IN

a)  Get a map of Indiana, look for Bloomington (S. of Indianapolis just 
        off rt. 37).
b)  Take 46 E. out of town (also known as E. 3rd St.)
c)  Take 446 E. (only about 2.5 miles out of town, this road goes almost 
        due South!  At the intersection of 46 & 446, you will see a bar 
        called *The Junction, Package and Carry Out*)
d)  In about 7 miles, cross a long bridge that goes over Monroe Reservoir 
        (road construction on the bridge causes traffic to form ONE lane, 
        regulated across the bridge by a traffic light)
e)  Go about 4 more miles, just past Hardin Ridge Rd on your rt., and 
        look for a sign on your LEFT that says *Maumee Reservation* on it.  
        You will also see a sign for the *Charles C. Deam Wilderness*.
f)  Take this LEFT off of 446 S. onto Tower Ridge Road.
g)  Follow Tower Ridge Road past the National Forest Information on your 
        right, past the Blackwell Horse Camp on your left, and keep on going 
        for a long, long way.
h)  You will come to a fork or where there will be a bridge on your left, 
        cross the bridge.  This is Salt Creek
i)  Keep on going until you get to a *T* intersection.  Take a right 
        (onto a paved road).
j)  Keep on going until you get to a *T* intersection.  Take a left.  
        This takes you up to the parking area on the right.

Additional Directions





We Love You!

RAP 107: Please Protect Our Land. If you pack it in, PACK IT OUT. Be safe, be kind, focus workshops, contribute loving labor during the Gathering and afterwards. Clean-up starts day one. Harm no living thing. Use only dead fallen wood. Separate all recycling from trash. Put only veggie matter in compost pits. Carry your trash out, plus some. NO soap of any kind within 50ft. Of water areas. Do NOT pee or poop or dig shitters near ANY water or kitchen area. Do not camp above springs. Don't camp in main meadow. Bring your own bowl and spoon. Only drink safe water. Community fires only. Be a health conscious pet owner (leave them at home with a friend). If you MUST bring your pet. Keep them fed and out of the kitchens and springs. Bury their poop too. Love them, keep them with you. We are all Shanti Sena. We are all responsible for the safety and peacefulness of the camp. Be aware and watch out for each other's well being. Photos with permission only. Our Gatherings are totally free and non-commercial. Donate to the Magic Hat. Enjoy the Rainbow with an open Heart and you will see the vision. Love and communication. Politely don't consent to searches.

NO ALCOHOL OR OTHER ILLEGALS. Exchange no money but donations are welcome. NO weapons please!! Ignore all rumors of cancellation.

WORKSHOPS: Sweat Lodge, Sprout Kitchen, Crafts, Yoga, Dancing, Drumming, Drum Building, Percussion Workshops, Sister Space, CALM, Kiddie Village, Ship of Love, Fishing Trips, Hemp Products, Recycling, Basic First Aid, Spiritual Healing, More!